Distant Constructs

Dunedin Rock and Roll

Best and Cheapest

There is a wealth of music from the '80s from Dunedin, which is a university town on the southern island of New Zealand. Bands that are seldom played in the US provide a glimpse into an alternate history musical evolution, especially as a companion piece to the development of punk in the US from the same time period[1].

Chris Knox puts it best in the documentary Funky Dunedin[2]: "There's not much chance of financial success in Dunedin, so you don't worry about that. You just worry about the songs and do 'em best and cheapest".





[1] Compare, for example, the role of Flying Nun Records and the Dunedin Double EP to that of SST Records and Nervous Breakdown

[2] The relevant section of the clip starts at 4:46.

[3] A fun observation - At 1:25, Chris Knox and David Kilgour trying to mess with Martin Phillipps during the performance

first published: 2016-02-02 2326 EST
last updated: 2016-09-14 1443 EDT