Distant Constructs

published: 2018-11-10, updated: 2021-01-15

This page contains some radio stations and shows that I like enjoy(ed).

They are mainly commercial free/listener supported. There are multiple reasons for this:

There tends to be much more variety on such stations with many different shows and hosts, which makes it interesting to listen to these stations at different times of the day. Hosts themselves have more flexibility and can play a wider range of genres and deeper cuts from albums. This adds diversity and also cuts down on repetition, unlike most advertising supported stations, which do a disservice to their listeners in this regard. For example, in the years that I listened to "Classic Rock" radio, the only songs from Electric Ladyland I had heard were "Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)" and "All Along the Watchtower", which were played somewhat frequently. A casual listener listening to these stations would miss out on the expanse of Hendrix's vision, having never heard "The Burning of the Midnight Lamp" or "Still Raining, Still Dreaming."

DJ's on these stations also seem more interested in talking about their sets than promoting sponsored concerts unlike their commercially supported counterparts. Additionally, advertising, if there is any, takes the form of "sponsored by" messages, which are infrequent, short, and not disruptive.

In the US, public radio stations are generally found on the lower end of the spectrum. I think the spectrum under 92.1 FM or so is reserved for public broadcasting. This is useful to know when trying to find public radio stations while on a road trip. Most of these can be received in the Central New Jersey Area. If you are not in range, you can try online streaming from the links provided.

Station List

  1. Both PICKITUP and Totally Wired ended during the week of 2015-05-18, but their eternal vibrations will live on in the Cosmic Background Punk-wave Rudie-ation. ↩︎