Distant Constructs

RSS and Syndication Tips

The Glory of Syndication

In the past few years, I noticed that, in marked contrast to my initial Brownian wanderings on the internet, a distinct monotony had engulfed my browsing habits. The first 15-20 minutes would be spent checking blogs, news sites, and comic strips. I found the best way around this was to subscribe to syndicated feeds such as RSS or Atom.

Feeds vs Bookmarks

I had a much better experience using feeds to keep track of sites than bookmarks. Too often, I would bookmark an interesting site and forget about it, missing subsequent updates. With feeds, which alert you on unread updates, I no longer have this issue.

Feed Clients

While browsers such as Firefox offer feed readers and there are feed aggregators on the web, I found that using dedicated feed reader to be the most convenient. I have tried out using both the text based client newsbeuter and the graphical Liferea. I have found both to be excellent and very customizable.

Client-side customization

One big benefit of using a client side application is that the style of the feed can be completely customized to provide a homogeneous appearance to disparate feeds. For example in Liferea, the CSS of syndicated content can be set.

first published: 2015-04-06 2344 EDT
last updated: 2015-04-27 2130 EDT