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Fortune files

Here are some quotes that can be used with the program fortune[1]. Due to filetype restrictions, I cannot upload binary or compressed files. You can read the files since they are plain text, but please follow these steps if you would like to use them with fortune:

  1. Rename the file to remove the .txt extension (not strictly necessary, but makes filenames cleaner)
  2. Generate a .dat file by running strfile filename. The strfile program comes with fortune and the .dat file and the .dat is a file with pointers to each of the quotes
  3. Install by copying the both the text file and the .dat file to your fortune directory

[1] A modern instance of the program is available as fortune-mod, source available here

first published: 2016-02-03 0028 EST
last updated: 2017-09-29 0316 EDT