Distant Constructs


A new host

2017-09-29 0200 EDT

This site was off of the internet for some time after its previous host's server failure. I've now ported the site to Neocities. It looks like most everything made it through, though some page creation timestamps were lost, the quotes file I had previously made for the fortune program are currently unavailable. Significant improvements include HTTPS support for the domain, which is great!

I wonder how long I'll spend on this host before moving again. The life of a personal website is a nomadic one.

Who wants to play video games?

2016-09-14 0118 EDT

Moved games under the top-lever art category. In the process of adding a few pages and links about favorite games. Video games may or may not be related to the 1+ year gap between updates on the site.

Commentary page

2015-06-28 2321 EDT

I've added a commentary page to store my comments on items that I come across. This probably serves the same purpose as a "microblog".

Sources available

2015-05-31 1930 EDT

Sources used to generate this website are now available on git[hub|lab]

favicon.ico added

2015-05-31 1647 EDT

added favicon.ico for applications that do not look at the shortcut icon link


2015-03-17 0051 EDT

Took care of the site-wide footer. Changed icons to SVG and added license details for icons used in footer.


2015-03-05 0027 EST

Feeds are avaliable at top/subscribe

Syndication set up

2015-03-02 0010 EST

RSS and Atom syndication is set up. More details to follow.

Hello World!

2015-03-01 0011 EST

Hello! I have ported this site to use Django, a Python web framework. This should allow me to more easily maintain and add new features to the site.